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I just recently bought a loaf of nine grain bread from this local place and it was literally the best decision I ever made and a perfect topic for this extremely hipstery-blogger post. thank you have a good night. 

invisiblearray: Good evening. Let's talk about your most embarrassing moment.


oh god I’m such an embarrassing person where do I start

okay it’s an awards show here we go

honorable mentions: 

  • In algebra 2 my teacher put a triangle on the board and asked me to name it and I yelled “HERBERT” and everyone thought I was so fucking stupid so they named the three points of the triangle SAM
  • my gyno called me to refill my birth control and she asked “How do you take it” (as in do you take the placebos every month or every three months) and I said “by mouth” because i didn’t understand how else I would take a birth control pill


  • In high school I literally did not know that “mustache ride” meant cunnilingus I seriously thought it was like you have a handlebar mustache and one person sits in the dip on each side and you take off flying I seriously thought that and i was in a play where I had a handlebar mustache and backstage I made a joke about mustache rides and everyone looked at me like “wtf is your god damn problem this is the chiLDREN’S SHOW”


  • I was the first girl to get her period when i was ELEVEN OKAY and for the first few times it’s like this mucousy brown stuff that doesn’t really leak but it’s weird and the first time I had like a real blood period I was in school, in the middle of the day, completely by surprise. Luckily I was wearing red track pants so that was solid that was chill but it had leaked onto my chair but luckily still I was in the back corner so I figured I could sneak over to the sink and get some paper towels and just wipe it up and no one would know but I was halfway to the sink when Kelly Tarantola stood up and yelled “SAM THERE’S BLOOD ON YOUR CHAIR WHAT HAPPENED DID YOU GET YOUR PERIOD” and everyone knew and if they forgot, Kelly Tarantola is always there to pop up and go “didn’t you leak your period on to the chair once?”
    Thanks Kelly Tarantola, you’re a hero. 
"Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you."

leddzephyr answered to your post “Okay, so I think I am going to give my friend the password to my…”

I’m not sure I understand? I just log out of mine. Or will they be changing your password so you can’t log on? Or filling in for you?

Sweetheart, just logging out would take self-control that I don’t posses. They would just change my password so I can’t log in. haha

Okay, so I think I am going to give my friend the password to my tumblr (along with other social media) for the next three weeks until the school year is over so I can focus… Any thoughts?


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